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Departure type:
Actual weight (кг):
Dollar exchange rate:
$ сум
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Send EMS item from abroad

In this section instructions are collected how to issue departure of EMS in post offices of the different countries. If you are abroad (on vacation, in a business trip, etc.) and not to load a baggage, would like to send the acquired things to Uzbekistan, you can issue express departure in post office of that country in which you are. Foreign services EMS will deliver departure to you, your friends and the family to Uzbekistan to the specified address.



EMS item from Russia

EMS item from Bulgaria

EMS item from Hungary


EMS item from Hong Kong

EMS item from Greece

EMS item from Israel

EMS item from Spain

EMS item from Italy

EMS item from China

EMS item from Koreas

 EMS item from Lithuania

EMS item from Malaysia

EMS item from Malta

EMS item from United Arabian Emirates

EMS item from Portugal

EMS item from Czech Republic

EMS item from Estonia


Dear visitors of the website, if you didn't find the country necessary to you with post office of EMS in our list, don't endure the list of the countries it will be added with the advent of new data.
With respect for EMS UZBEKISTAN.

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